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First National Bank’s “Attorneys Trust Account”, offers preferential and standardised rates of interest on Attorneys Trust current account credit balances as follows: update done due to repo change on 18-03-2016, Update done as at 16 March 2016, as advised by Fnb. *Please note: the credit interest rate quoted below is subject to change at any time, without notice.   

Balance in trust account rate
Amount %
R1 – R999 1.10%
R1 000 – R9 999 1.20%
R10 000 – R24 999 1.30%
R25 000 – R49 999 1.30%
R50 000 – R99 999 1.50%
R100 000 – R249 999 2.50%
R250 000 – R499 999 2.60%
R500 000 – R999 999 2.70%
R1 000 000 – R4 999 999 3.65%
R5 000 000 and above 4.20%

These preferential interest rates may also be found on FNB’s website at

Attorney Trust Accounts 2017/2018
Sub Product Codes DDA MT
Charge Types Pay-As-You-Use Charge Type BV
Monthly Account Fee R 52.00
Cheque Service Fee R64.50 per cheque issued
Cheque Deposit Fee R26.75 +R2.00 per cheque (maximum R100)
Inward Unpaid R120.00 per item
Cash withdrawals including
cheque encashments
<R5,000 <R10,000 <R15,000 <R50,000 <R150,000 >=R150,000
FNB Branch Cheque Service Fee
(Min R25.00) plus
R 3.22 R 2.19 R 1.71 R 1.57 R 1.30 R 1.30
FNB Bulk Cash Centres R 2.50 R 1.76 R 1.42 R 1.25 R 1.05 R 0.92
Cash Deposits <R5,000 <R10,000 <R15,000 <R50,000 <R150,000 >=R150,000
FNB ATM Advance R3.75 plus R0.51 per R100.00 or part thereof.
CDF Branch FNB ATM (minimum fee R20.00)
R8.40 plus
R 1.21 R 1.21 R 1.21 R 1.21 R 1.21 R 1.21
CDF FNB / SBV Bulk (minimum fee R20.00)
R5.00 plus
R 2.85 R 1.69 R 1.25 R 1.09 R 0.92 R 0.80

The above pricing is effective from 1 July 2017 until 30 June 2018. All other fees pertaining to the “Attorneys Trust Account Scheme” can be accessed on FNB’s website – Pricing Guide – Business Banking. First National Bank’s code  for this product is DDA; sub-product MT.

In May 2004 First National Bank introduced its Managed Enhancement System to automate and streamline monthly transmission of interest, net of recoverable bank charges, to the nominated Law Society. This service is provided at no extra charge for Attorneys who choose to benefit from its functionality.