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Fidelity Fund Certificate Application Form

The Fidelity Fund Certificate Application Forms were gazetted on 20 July 2018.

All active legal practitioners practising as either directors/partners/sole practitioners, including Advocates practising in terms of s34(2)(b), are required to be in possession of a valid Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFC). A fidelity fund certificate is valid for a year, from January to December of a year. The Legal Practice Council (LPC) issues these certificates annually to legal practitioners through an online system provided by the Legal Practitioner’s Fidelity Fund (the Fund), except for Advocates who are still required to complete and submit their applications to the LPC manually until further notice.
Legal practitioners applying for the FFCs are required to make a contribution for an amount of R345.00 to the LPC before they can be issued with a certificate.
The online application system receives information directly from the LPC through an interface between the system and the LPC’s systems. Legal practitioners should therefore ensure correctness of the information provided to the LPC, including informing the LPC of any changes to already provided information.
Legal practitioners, with the exception of Advocates, requiring to apply for their FFCs can access the online system from any computer system, smartphone, tablet, ipad, etc by typing: https://ffc.fidfund.co.za. Legal practitioners should note that the system operates on any web browser, except for Internet Explorer versions 8.0 or lower. While the system works well with others, it is advisable to use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

Click here for new Fidelity Fund Certificate Application Forms as gazetted on 20 July 2018. Schedule 7A is for attorneys and Schedule 7B of the Rules is for Advocates.