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When can I start to apply for the 2017 Fidelity Fund Certificates?

The anticipated date is the 3rd October 2016, but you should receive notification from the Law Society and from the portal.  Please continue to check on your Law Society’s website or that of the Attorneys Fidelity Fund at

Can I still submit manual applications?

NO. All certificates from 2016 onwards are only issued via this online application.  Law Societies can no longer issue certificates manually.

How do I get started?

You are required to ensure that the Law Society of which you are a member has your correct and updated email address and mobile number.  You will receive communication via email and/or SMS to activate your login for the new application.  It therefore becomes crucial for you to advise your Law Society of any changes in your contact details.

The online application is web-based, you can access it anytime from anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity, this includes use of computers, ipads, tablets, smartphones, internet cafes, etc.  The address from which you can access the online application is: or you can follow the link from your Law Society’s or the Fund’s website.  Easy to use help guides are provided to assist users navigate the online application.

What if I struggle to access the online application?

The online application is supported in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, except Internet Explorer version 8.0 or lower.  For the best experience it is advised to use Chrome or Firefox.  Make sure your provided login credentials are correctly captured, especially your password which is extremely sensitive as it also considers spaces as characters.  Should you be on the correct browser and having captured your login credentials correctly but still experience problems accessing the online application, please contact your Law Society for assistance.  The contact details for the Law Societies are as follows:

Law Society of the Northern Provinces (LSNP)       Tel: 012 338 5869 / 5815 / 5916


Cape Law Society (CLS)  or 021 443 6700


KZN Law Society or 033 345 1304


Free State Law Society  or 051-447 3237 or 051-447 3237


Alternatively, you can contact the Attorneys Fidelity Fund at or 012 622 3942 / 3951 for assistance with the application process.

How do I complete my 2017 application?

As soon as you are logged in, the first screen under certification will require of you to indicate the year for which you are applying.  You will select the appropriate year and proceed as indicated by the system.

What if my firm has more than one member?

Legislation requires that each member who is either a sole practitioner, partner or director must apply for an FFC in order to practise and charge for services rendered.

  • Firms with more than one member who is required to hold an FFC can appoint a firm representative, either a member or a non-member, who can capture the financial data of the firm, and for the firm.
  • The representative, if not a member that is required to hold an FFC, will receive their own login credentials via email or sms once created by a member.
  • The representative, if a member entitled to hold an FFC, will already have login credentials and use those to capture the firm’s financial information.
  • A non-member representative can capture financial information for the firm, complete and submit the application form for a member.  Upon submission of the completed application form by a non-member, the member will have to login, check and certify the correctness of the financial information and the captured form, and proceed to request issuance of the certificate.
  • A member representative who is required to hold an FFC will be able to capture firm’s financial information and proceed until he/she can generate the certificate for self.
  • There is therefore no need to replicate the financial information of the firm, it is captured only once.

 What if my personal or firm details are incorrect?

The online application pre-populates firm and personal information.  However, should a member’s personal information not display correctly, the member is able to change the following information:

  • Mobile number;
  • Telephone number;
  • Email address;
  • Residential address; and
  • Marital status

Should critical data be displayed incorrectly, including data pertinent to the firm, kindly notify the Law Society in writing of the correct information.

Does the Law Society continue to issue the Certificates?

The Law Societies continue to be responsible for issuing the FFC.  To facilitate this issuance, the system has now been automated to make the process of issuing and obtaining an FFC simpler and expeditious.  Checks and balances will still be conducted on the online application to ensure compliance with all the requirements before a certificate can be issued.  The Director/Secretary of the Law Society retains the discretion to issue or decline the issuance of the certificate.

How long does it take to receive the Certificate once application submitted?

Provided all the necessary requirements have been met and the Law Society has satisfied itself of that, there should be no delays.  As soon as the application is received and approved by the Law Society, the certificate will be generated and immediately available for the member to print on the online application.

Do I have to complete the FFC application all at once?

Not necessarily.  Provided you save all captured information as and when you access the online application, you can always go back to the online application and continue with the process.  The online application will automatically take you directly to the step that is to be completed.  Should you not have saved the information, you will be required to start the process from the beginning and recapture the information.

Is the Certificate specific to my Law Society?

The certificate will reflect the Law Society of which the sole practitioner, partner or director is member, the period for which it is valid, the name of the member that is entitled to hold an FFC, the name of the firm in which he practices, the FFC number, the Law Society member number, and the date of issue.

Can I regenerate a Certificate?

A generated certificate cannot be regenerated, but it can be reprinted as it will always remain on the system.

What if I don’t have a computer?

You can access the online application through any electronic platform that supports internet access, from your ipad, tablet, smartphone, internet café, etc.  Should you have exhausted all efforts to obtain internet access to the online application, you may attend at the Law Societies’ offices where stations will be available to provide you with access to the online application.