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Guidelines to Submitting a Refund Claim

The following comments are made to assist practitioners in obtaining their refunds without undue delay:

  • Claim forms may be obtained from the law societies or downloaded from the Fund’s website.
  • Completed claims must be submitted to your law society.
  • Ensure that the correct supporting documentation accompanies the claim form.
  • The auditor’s invoice must specify that the fee is in respect of the trust audit, and specify the period audited.
  • The Fund will pay electronically (where the business account banking details section of the claim form has been completed) and confirm payment by e-mail or fax. In all other instances payment will be effected by cheque.
  • The Fund has a turnaround time of five working days following receipt of approved claims from the law societies. Should you not have received payment within a reasonable period, contact your law society as there may be outstanding requirements to be complied with.
  • Provide your auditor with a copy of this article.