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De Rebus

The Attorneys Fidelity Fund funds the distribution of De Rebus to all practising attorneys and candidate attorneys.

De Rebus, the South African Attorneys’ Journal, is published monthly by the Law Society of South Africa. The print version of the journal circulates free of charge to all South African practising attorneys and candidate attorneys and is also available on general subscription. The online version usually goes live about a week prior to the print version, usually during the last week of the month prior to the print month. The digital format of the journal – De Rebus Digital – is an exact replica of the print version. It is available free of charge and is usually sent electronically two weeks before the print version is delivered. The audio version is available free of charge to all blind and print-handicapped members of Tape Aids for the Blind.

Editorial Office Details

The editor is Ms Kim Hawkey BA LLB (UCT) BA Hons (Wits)

304 Brooks Street, Menlo Park, Pretoria, 0102

P O Box 36626, Menlo Park, 0102

Docex 82, Pretoria.

Tel: 012 366 8800

Fax: 012 362 0969