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Requirements for Establishing a Claim

To establish a claim against the Fund, a claimant must prove:

  • that he/she has suffered pecuniary loss
  • by reason of theft committed by an attorney, candidate attorney or employee of the attorney
  • of money entrusted by or on behalf of the claimant to the attorney
  • in the course of the attorney’s practice as such.

Typical losses covered by the Fund include the theft of:

  • money from deceased or insolvent estates;
  • money held pending registration of the transfer of immovable property;
  • settlements in personal injury claims.

The Fund does not reimburse the following losses arising from:

  • negligence by a practitioner in the conduct of his or her practice;
  • business transactions with the attorney;
  • money that is handed to an attorney for investment purposes;
  • loans to the attorney.

Certain relationships such as family, business or partnership associations will preclude a person from claiming.