About LPFF

About the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund

What is the LPFF ?

The Legal practitioners Fidelity Fund (LPFF) previously known as Attorneys Fidelity Fund (AFF) is a fidelity guarantee fund, which exists in terms of the Legal Practice Act.

The LPFF exists to protect the public against loss as a result of theft of trust funds. The protection provided by the Fund encourages the public to use services provided by legal practitioners with confidence.

The Fund’s sustainability and ability to serve the public relies on its ability to respond to and adapt to internal and external trends and challenges in the regulatory and South African legal environments.

What is our purpose?

The primary purpose of the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund (‘the Fund’) is to reimburse clients of Legal Practitioners who may suffer pecuniary loss due to the theft of money or property entrusted to an attorney in the course of his/her practice as such, or where an attorney acts as executor or administrator in a deceased estate, or as a trustee in an insolvent estate.

Our mission

Administration of justice

Promote access to, and confidence in, the administration of justice by ensuring that victims of such theft are promptly and fully compensated for their loss.

Indemnity insurance cover

Provide, in the public interest, professional indemnity insurance cover to practitioners against claims arising out of the conduct of the profession by legal practitioners.

Risk management

Ensure, by the application of appropriate risk management measures, that at all times it has adequate resources, skills and appropriate organisation structures to meet its objectives and to minimise the risk to consumers of legal services.

Corporate governance and integrity

Function as a premier institution of civil society, at all times observing the highest standards of corporate governance and integrity in order to promote public confidence in the probity, dignity and status of the practitioners’ profession.

Be responsive and accessible

Be responsive and accessible to legitimate claimants by providing information as to its existence and purpose.