Success Stories

Success Stories



Pearl Ntshehi – The world is her oyster at the LPFF

Pearl Ntshehi always saw herself returning to the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund (LPFF) after her studies.

Pearl was part of the LPFF internship programme, and after graduating in 2017 from the Pearson Institute of Higher Education with a BCom Law degree, returned to the LPFF and is currently an Interest Collection Administrator. She is also busy with her LLB degree at “After graduating, I’ve always seen myself coming back and working for the LPFF, not only is the working environment healthy but we are encouraged to grow and better ourselves, which is a great way to start off my career and grow within the company.” She says. During her time as intern as part of the LPFF internship programme she worked in all the different departments of the Fund and had the opportunity to “understand the company holistically and see where I could possibly fit in”

“It has taught me that law has many avenues and branches that one can go to besides the conventional way. The main thing I took away from the experience [as intern] is that one can never stop learning even when you think you know it all, something new always comes up and we must be willing to learn,” says Pearl.”,

Ricardo Richards – Security officer turned legal advisor living his dream at the LPFF

Ricardo Richards started at the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund (LPFF) in January 2005 as Security Officer.

Through a bursary afforded by the LPFF, Ricardo graduated with an LLB degree in 2016. He always dreamt of a career in law, and is currently employed at the LPFF as a Legal Advisor.

Ricardo’s dream was realised after he had a conversation with Motlatsi Molefe, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the LPFF.

During a one-on-one session with the CEO, I informed him that my dream is to study law and one day to become an attorney. Soon after that my application to study law was granted and I embarked on my studies from February 2012 and completed the degree at the end of 2016,” says Richards.

Ricardo studied his LLB degree through the University of South Africa. Given the fact that he matriculated in 1997, it was difficult for him to embark on his studies. “It was difficult for me at first. I had to learn how to balance my work life, study life and family life. I am a married father of three and sometimes I had to miss out on family events because I had to study. It took me four and a half years to complete, but the LPFF was always very supportive of my studies and gave me time off to study when necessary.”

He served Articles at Chris Fick & Associates in Cape Town from July 2017 to 31 October 2018, simultaneously attending the School for Legal Practice at the University of Cape Town.

In November 2018 he was appointed as a Legal Advisor in the claims Department of the LPFF.

In 2019 his dream came true when he was admitted as a Legal Practitioner on 1 March 2019 in the High Court of South Africa, Western Cape Division in Cape Town.

“I will forever be grateful to the CEO and the Board of the Fund for granting me the opportunity to study law and to fulfil my dream. To be an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa was my greatest achievement, and I am ecstatic to be living my dream,” according to Ricardo.

“Working for the Fund has its own challenges, especially dealing with the public. However, I am grateful to give back and I love working at the Fund in assisting the consumers of legal services who have been mistreated, to help restore their trust in the profession.”

For those who are in a similar situation and thinking of studying law while they work, Ricardo says: “This is a huge step to take, but once you get the ball rolling take it one step at a time, and you will eventually reach your goal, just like I did,” according to Ricardo.